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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I love how people come in rehashing what talking heads say like they are scouts and know how good a player is.

He's too slow to be a 3 down player BS. You know how many linebackers of his speed play on 3rd down? There is a good chance he's a zone defender when it comes to the pass. He may not have from what i have a sudden enough change of direction to play man to man.

welcome to the NFL Von Miller can't play TE 1 on 1 either. TE are 250 pounds and run 4.5's now.

I think the day has come where teams will have to use really special linebackers or dbacks to cover elite TE 1-1. They are more like WR now.

But reading about TEO they say he had a lot of interceptions and shows great football instincts. For a linebacker that is so important. How often did Joe Mays just run to the wrong spot, the wrong hole? Playing a zone defense is about understanding the route tree of your opponent. TEO made too many plays in college to be a player that has no chance in the NFL.
I agree to some point. Man coverage is just hard period. Everybody does always whine about guys not playing good man coverage. Well that's because it's really hard to do. I firmly believe your safeties are your biggest help with seam patterns. The LB can only cover for so long. Let's face it, they're not CB's, the LB's. They cover some, but they're by no means experts at it. The main thing you want your LB to do is read the run lanes correctly and not get caught up in the mix and engulfed by blockers. You want him to tackle really well. You'd like for him to be able to blitz the right way, meaning time it right, read the right place to blitz from, not just run in there to the exact place he was supposed to go only to be picked up by a lineman. They need to have some feel in that regards. I think Teo will be a good LB. Would I take him in the 1st round. Nope. To me, the 1st round is for players that you think are going to be special players, not just solid players. If that's the case, it's your turn to pick late in round 1 and there is nobody you think is going to be a special player, move back if you can, start stacking up picks for those solid guys. Some of them will wash out but the more you have to look at, the more chances you get at hitting on one of them.
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