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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
Once again, i'm neutral on Te'o at pick #28, but people keep bringing up the fact that he can't be a three down LB which just seems silly.

If you can stomach the clear marketing ploy (by whomever is poushing Te'o), watch this highlight video which is almost exclusively of his interceptions in zone coverage last season. Keep in mind, many of these QB's throwing the INT's will be on an NFL roster next season.

The music is ghey, and the first minute or two is junk -be forewarned!

Lets break them down:

1. Against Navy (against backup QB Trey Miller, who will never even be signed as a UDFA)
2. Against Michigan (QB Denard Robinson, who will be drafted to the NFL as a WR) Legit coverage interception in zone coverage.
3. Also against Denard Robinson. He is 3 or 4 steps behind in coverage and is lucky an overthrown ball is tipped by another defender.
4. Against BYU (QB Riley Nelson, who is a 5th year senior who will never be in the NFL) Another overthrown pass to a guy who was actually wide open with Teo trailing 3 steps behind in no position to stop the completion, only the bad pass and the bat means this goes to Teo.
5. Against Oklahoma (QB Landry Jones, who will be drafted in a mid to late round this year) A good pass right in the numbers to a guy Teo was not covering but who was quite well covered, the ball pops out and Teo dives on the lose ball.
6. Against Boston College (QB Chase Rettig, who is considered a late round or UDFA prospect in the 2014 draft) Not a well thrown ball, but thrown to a guy who is wide open a full 5 yards in front of Teo in Teo's zone, Manti is lucky that the receiver bobbles the pass and is able to dive on the lose ball.
7. Against USC (QB Max Wittek, a USC freshman and backup QB, currently unprojected by based on recent trends there is reason to suspect he will not have a sterling NFL career although he will certainly be drafted - this is not a projection of his skills but a dig on USC QBs in general) Teo reads the QB and sets in his zone without actually checking if there are any receivers, the QB throws the ball on a timing route but puts it a few yards off to the side right into the bread basket of Teo.

All in all he had 3 coverage interceptions, they came against a guy who is a backup for a guy who won't be drafted, a guy who will be drafted as a WR and a true freshman. The remaining 4 were results of batted passes and either came in situations when the ball wasn't thrown at a guy Teo was covering or was thrown to an open guy Teo was supposed to be covering.

This video is solid evidence that even when cherrypicking highlights Teo doesn't look good in coverage.
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