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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
I wonder if Mays will use the couple hundred $K they settle on to buy a Hummer on his way home from cashing the check or if he invests it to live on either now or in retirement.
Mays will probably get about 500K ( maybe even more) to void out. Stupid to give the unguided missile a 3-4 year deal, like we did. One of the FOs real mistakes last year. One that needs to be rectified.

Also the LB we signed is a Special teams guru, which is the one thing that Mays could do passably well. We re-signed Bruton there also ( for STs). Which is why I think we should check out Karlos Dansby, as I suspect the Broncos are interested in upgrading MLB over Irving in case he doesn't pan out, and most everybody seriously doubts that Teo is a first round guy. Which means it is likely he will be there at 28.

I seriously hope we don't take Teo with our first as we still need to look to BPA, and he is not it at 28. Trade down might work to get him in the second, but he is not a 3 down player. I'd rather bring in a vet and wait for next year.
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