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David Bruton

I'd like him, but I'm skeptical at 28 considering the way our defense is set up right now... and I don't think he gets past the Ravens at 32.

I'd rather take a shot at Margus Hunt... he was at one point a 3rd rounder, but I've literally heard reports that he will go ion the top half of the 1st. Then again, it's basically the same thing we heard about Cordy Glenn last year - a third-rounder, who killed the combine at which point he was a projected top-16 pick, but ended up going in the middle of the second if I recall right.

Strategically, I think a player whose draft stock is on the rise (ie Hunt) more often than not pan out better than player's whose draft stock is on the fall (ie T'eo), even though you're getting better implied value when you draft a falling prospect.
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