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Originally Posted by baja View Post
Yes you are bound to uncover a conspiracy by going to non conspiracy web sites.

So you must have the answer to why DHS purchased 2B bullets. Please share it.
Fed's already answered it. It's a quote, it's 1.6B, and it's UP TO, over the next 5 years.

Now you answer this question.

IF the government were trying to take us over, which is easier to believe? Explain your answer.

A) The government is PUBLICLY buying up billions of rounds of ammunition, carting around military vehicles, and has been at work for years in order to wage an open war on its citizenry


B) The government is secretly creating a bio-toxin in a secret laboratory at an Illinois university which will cause people to turn on and cannibalize each other, thus reducing the population and the resistance, and this bio-toxin was accidentally released, causing people to eat each others' faces off

B is the obvious choice. Why aren't you outraged and demanding answers about this?

Why do you think the Nazis built the death camps? It's because after hundreds of thousands of bullets, they realized that shooting people is a terribly ineffective way to kill someone. It's a lot easier to pass laws marginalizing certain people, get the majority to turn on them, and they do the dirty work for you.

Now, let's look at the big picture. I'll reiterate what I said in another post. IF there is an armed uprising in this country, it won't be the liberals coming to take away your guns. Nor will it be the government waging war against the people who pay its bills. It will be a small segment of the population who uses fear to manipulate public opinion, and who then use that public opinion to affect policy. You can already see it in the attempts to take voting rights away from people who deserve every right to vote in the name of defeating a voter fraud boogeyman that doesn't exist. You can already hear it in the rhetoric of posters on this very board, blaming brown people, women and gays for the troubles the nation faces.

If you're truly concerned about who is taking over this country, stay away from the conspiracy websites. Do some real research. Look into what actually caused events like the Holocaust (assuming you believe it happened). I guarantee you if you take the same classes I have...if you study, say, the way anti-Semites in Germany described "the Jewish problem", maybe you would be a little less outspoken on how evil the government is, and more outspoken on how evil people like errand, txtebow, Dramanyuk, cutthemdown, Dr. Broncenstein, Meck77 and Pony Boy are.
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