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Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
When it comes to the front seven, Del Rio has shown his ability to find and develop defensive talent. If he thinks Teo could be an upgrade, it is definitely a position of need and I trust him to do his job.

It would make me feel better to trade down and still ge him in the second round (if they want him), but whatever. I don't see why he wouldn't be our day 1 starter if we drafted him, so why not? We need a long term solution at MLB.
Plus bottom of the first is where the players drop who had problems that scared teams away. Many times its some personal thing like weed, or in TEO's case a strange internet scam. Honestly when you read scouting reports of players you always hear things like lacks strength, or lacks high end speed to do this or that blah blah blah. Football is about instincts, timing, toughness and heart. How much do you think it matter how fast you were at your pro day in the 4th quarter after playing 2 hours in the hot sun. You have been hit so many times in the legs and gut by huge olineman and fullbacks your body is numb. Your feet hurt, your head hurts and your tired.

It's 4-1 and this is it game on the line. At that point in football its about reaching down, remembering your coaching, reading the play, reacting and blowing into the right hole for a run stop. You can run a 3.4 forty yard dash and if you react the wrong direction the play is over, you just lost. You won't recover despite your great speed.
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