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I love how people come in rehashing what talking heads say like they are scouts and know how good a player is.

He's too slow to be a 3 down player BS. You know how many linebackers of his speed play on 3rd down? There is a good chance he's a zone defender when it comes to the pass. He may not have from what i have a sudden enough change of direction to play man to man.

welcome to the NFL Von Miller can't play TE 1 on 1 either. TE are 250 pounds and run 4.5's now.

I think the day has come where teams will have to use really special linebackers or dbacks to cover elite TE 1-1. They are more like WR now.

But reading about TEO they say he had a lot of interceptions and shows great football instincts. For a linebacker that is so important. How often did Joe Mays just run to the wrong spot, the wrong hole? Playing a zone defense is about understanding the route tree of your opponent. TEO made too many plays in college to be a player that has no chance in the NFL.
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