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Originally Posted by BroncosfanGuy View Post
that was posted in response to the claim that all 4 sacks were against St Claire--which they weren't. Fans have different ways of reconciling players leaving. Point being if Doom was the underwhelming presence a lot of posters are making him out to be, the Broncos wouldn't have tried to retain him at the price they had and there wouldn't be near this much talk about him on the interwebs.
Truth is he disappeared a lot.
Truth is he got a lot of sacks against lower tier teams.
Truth is he was not good at setting an edge.
Truth is he is overpaid for his level of production.

Since this draft is fairly loaded and Freeny is being an idiot we will be just fine without him. His lack of loyalty to a team that paid him 30 million dollars for two seasons is just mind boggling.
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