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Originally Posted by SleepingTiger View Post
Is Lattimore case anywhere similar to Mcgahee? I remember Mcgahee was top 5 pick before the injury.
Lattimore was better. But Lattimore has 2 serious injuries already. Still, modern medicine has greatly evolved over the last decade. Injuries that once where thought to be career ending have longer odds of recovering the previous level of health and performance. Some people heal differently. AP said that while most of his recovery was all about the proper mindset and health care, his genes also had something to do with it. If that is the case then Lattimore must be a similar case in the sense that his development since the injury has been nothing short of incredible.

The injury was nasty, but the kid is on pace to exceed expectations for his recovery time. He has that Do Work mentality, and is humble as they come. I would seriously consider him at the end of the 2nd round. If not for the injury he would be a top 10 pick, and best RB by a mile. Sure 2 injuries can scare any FO, but we are talking about potential greatness here. I have no doubt that a team with a pair of 2nds will take a shot at him.
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