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The Team

Plenty of rational responses, I liked this one.

Seriously? Strap that tinfoil hat on a little tighter chief.

Those vehicles will be assigned to particular units, primarily HSI SRT teams for high-risk warrants (much-needed considering three of our SRT agents were recently shot up while making an approach on a location), HSI Rapid Response Teams mobilized during natural disasters (ie, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.) like Katrina and Haiti to support recovery operations and local law enforcement, FEMA response teams to provide aid, Coast Guard natural disaster response, etc.

Your links detail the ammo purchases by DHS. When you actually apply logic to the amounts purchased, instead of retard-level conclusions, you will see why it was purchased. Training, qualifications, field issue, etc., for members of ICE (HSI/ERO/OIA/OPR), US Secret Service, FEMA, US Coast Guard, US Customs and Border Protection (OFO and Border Patrol), FLETC students, and whole host of others.

Christ, people are ****ing stupid these days.
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