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What other Bronco fan discussions have you had with perfect strangers?

I need to buy my 10 year old a USB cable for her laptop. It is just me a 5 year old and a 10 year old and I am sore from driving and grumpier than I thought I was. We are checking out and the kid behind the cash register says something about my Bronco jacket. I was distracted trying to keep track of the 5 year old and it took a couple extra beats before I got what he said.

Turned out the kid was a Bronco fan and not a duh bears fan mocking me, we ended up having a nice conversation about losing Doom and getting some nice FA pieces and I felt bad for blowing him off at 1st, he was a nice kid. He asked if we were going to upgrade our RB's, If I wasn't with the kids I would have used all my KM jokes on him.

Got me curious as to what other run in's yous guys (reading lots of Raymond Chandler and Nelson Algren) have had with other Bronco fans in unexpected places?
I run into a lot of people who say they are Broncos fans. Of course I am wearing the gear they are not. I think most of them are imposters and not worth my time. Someone say "hey I love Manning what's he goon do this year?" I see that as a trap question. So I ignore him, if he persists ****storm could happen and I could end up pouring my rum and coke on him. ****ing imposters.
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