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Denver may just be biding their time for now , but I wish they would
give us some indication of where they want to go. I guess there is not much action, and its a long way till July, but it sucks knowing we still have holes to fill.

Perhaps they will just hold onto the 5 mill cap space available until later ( june 1) and see where they are after the draft.

But I would still like them to bring in Carlos Dansby for a look. It seems to me that he is a veteran MLB not past his prime, and that the draft really has no standout interior lbs that would be able to be 1st ( or even 2nd) year impact players. Dansby could fill the starting role and we don't need to rely on Irving to take some big step up in production ( something that has not been evident ) by some magic.

Reach an injury settlement with Mays and release him. Thsi will prevent the "unguided missile " from hurting anyone else of OUR players in training camp. Then sign Dansby to a two year deal, with incentives. Rely on the draft and our current roster to replace doom, and if Irving fails to step up we have a viable starter anyway. Look to draft a real MLB in 14 or the next year. The down side to waiting is that someone else may sign him.

"Patience, my young padawan!" is the word of the day, I guess.
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