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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Yeah. Everything's a conspiracy.
See here's your problem. You see circumstances as separate but what really is taking place is a grand global plan being played out. It includes banking military agribusiness health education politics and more. This control is at the very top and many below doing their bidding are compartmentalized.

I realize how crazy and impossible this seems but none the less it is very real. At some point you will come to realize this. A some point it will be so in your face you will have to see it. Let's hope it is before they have us all on complete lock down. We are not in their plans for the future Ro. They will have robots to do most of the necessary work and we become useless eaters. Think of all the problems that would just disappear if the global population was somehow reduced by 80%. There is a group that sees this as their duty and then have been working this plan for a very long time. And "They" control most of the money and power.

If I didn't uncover this information for myself and was reading this post I would say this person writing this is completely nuts.

How do we not see this you ask?

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