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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
Strong draft in terms of value, depending on the reality of Lotulelei's heart condition. However, I would have rather seen you address CB with either the 2nd or 4th round selections, you don't really have any right now. Who knows if Josh Norman becomes anything. Munnerlyn is ideally suited as a nickelback, but then that's also the only position Robey could play. I guess you went more of a best available player approach, and as mentioned, you got good value up and down the draft, but the lack of a good starting outside CB is glaring. Tharold Simon (amongst others) in the 4th Round and perhaps taking a backup TE in the 6th would have made this much better for me.

Best pick is Lotulelei if he's healthy. If not, Josh Evans in the 5th. Worst pick is Lotulelei if he continues to have heart complications. If not, Nickell Robey. He's such a small player, height and size, he makes Captain Munnerlyn look big. And at that size, he should be faster than he is. He also supposably had a poor Pro Day yesterday in terms of ball skills. He did jump high at least though.
I had CB high on my priority list, but I wanted to address both offensive and defensive lines and thought the value was excellent there with my 1st and 2nd round picks. I think Star and Warford can come in and start right way. The OL really needed help because despite the talent they have at RB, they could not run it with any consistency. Warford will help with that. I was planning to take B.W. Webb in the 4th, but he went a couple of picks before my selection. I thought Reed represented the best value at that point. Carolina does have Greg Olsen, but I see Reed as more of an Aaron Hernandez H-back type who you can line up at different spots depending on the match-up. I thought Evans was the best value in the 5th; I think he's flying under the radar a bit due to being overshadowed by Elam. That filled a need as well. With Robey, I could have taken a player with more ideal measurables, but what are the odds of landing a starting CB at this point in the draft anyway? I think Robey has a better chance of sticking than some of the other players with better measurables but lesser accomplishments. So, I was going with a "best value" approach, as you mentioned. It would have been nice if I had not been missing a 3rd rounder. I probably would have addressed CB there.
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