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Originally Posted by Rother8 View Post
I'm curious on this as I am not married. Has the idea of getting a fake ring ever popped into you married folks' heads? I mean, it's not like she's gonna get it tested.. And if s*** did hit the fan when she went to get it pawned you'd probably get the last laugh. And I'm not talking like a complete fake, make it believable with some nice silver or some fake gold or something else nice. Random question..anyways- congrats there, boss.
Don't need to get a fake, just get a real, yet man-made diamond. Fraction of the price and they are real diamonds (just not worth a whole lot). Tell her she can get 3x the size stone and all her friends will be jealous.

That said, she's going with you to pick out her ring, so good luck with that plan.

To the OP - congrats!
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