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Matt Paradis

Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
Good round to take Denard Robinson. You'll need a gameplan for how to use him, probably similar to Brad Smith or Josh Cribbs, but I like a moveable chess piece in the 6th Round.

Ty Powell is interesting. Bmore was very high on him, but preferred Quanterus Smith, as do I. He's a good athlete and his age doesn't really bother me too much, but personality and apparent attitude issues might. I don't really do ultra small school prospects, and if they have any red flags, I definitely don't. So, I don't have overly high hopes for this guy. That being said, I think the draft value is okay. If it's just Harding and his production and athleticism, Late 5th - Mid 6th looks right. With the red flags, I'd probably lean more towards 7th or UDFA, especially with some of the great talent inexplicably still around. I do like the fit as a 34 OLB though.
Physically, he's a perfect fit as a rush linebacker in Dick LeBeau's offense -- not just the measurables, but his performance in position drills at the Senior Bowl, the Combine, and his Pro Day were also all outstanding.

I do agree with you about the red flags -- but I think this kid has a real shot to be a much better pro than college player. Hopefully, he's the second coming of James Harrison!
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