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I was in a stripclub just outside St Louis and there was a gorgeous stripper there and while I'm damn near drooling on myself, I notice she has a Broncos tattoo on her hip or back. I noted it as being awesome but didn't do or say anything but then a year or so later, I'm back at the same club and she's there again but covered up. I asked if she was the Broncos girl because someone there didn't believe it was the same girl and she said she was and sat down to talk Broncos football for a while. I don't recall a thing we talked about because I was drunk off my ass and she was naked but I could've died that day and had no regrets.

Fast forward to this past Christmas time and I'm having coffee with my dad at the local cafe one morning in Hillbillyville, Missouri and there's a girl there that looks about 19 and by local standards, quite stunning. I'd say a 7 or 8 anywhere else and dressed quite sexily so after seeing whales and inbreds for a week, I'm checking her out bigtime. She's sitting with an old lady and after a few minutes of checking her out subtly, I notice the young girl pointing my direction and saying something to the old lady. I'm feeling pretty good and trying to play it cool so when the old lady walks over to me, I start getting ready to break the terrible news that I'm married and off the market. The old lady then proceeds to tell me that she likes the Broncos sweatshirt I'm wearing, that she grew up in Greeley as a lifelong Broncos fan, and I see the hottie walk out the door. She then proceeded to try to talk football like any 65-70 year old woman does as I fought the urge to be spiteful and correct every mistake because she could barely pick a football out of a lineup.
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