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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
yeah the same team that cut him saying he wasn't worth the money.

I'm sorry maybe you like getting fired, but if a company fires me I would have a hard time going back to work for them at a reduced rate.

He'd still be a Bronco if Denver hadn't cut him in the first place.
And if they hadn't cut him they would be on the hook for that 12 million guaranteed contract for this year ( 13.6 if you count the total cap for the year, too.)

NO way Dumervil was worth that, after he had already milked the Broncos for >30 million over 3 years ( of which he played 2). He had already gotten paid, and he didn't do enough to justify what he had received, after the 2009 contract.

Elway told him up front at the start that he needed to reduce his salary or that he would be released. They let him know two weeks before March 15. Totally upfront and honest, and Doom and his agent played games, and it cost both Doom and the Broncos.

While some think Elway should just have been a NICE guy and let Dumerville keep being overpaid , I am glad that the duke has sense enough to call it for what it was.....a BAD contract that didn't reflect the true value Dumervil had
to the team.

And apparently Dumervil thinks he is the best in the league at sacking the QB, because his contract was Higher than everyone else in his position. Von Miller played better than Doom in every respect , and that is just on the Broncos. Many other players met or exceeded his production last year.

Doom wanted to keep getting paid like before and was not living in the real world. What if he tore a pec or broke a leg this year....he would have been paid. And even the new contract he failed to get sent in time, paid him more than what he got after the fiasco, and had injury guarantees in 2014.

Screw him! I am now glad he is gone, and we will have the space to sign our FAs next year, since we don't have Doom, his fat contract, and big cap hit again next year. We ate his dead money and still have an overall better team than before FA started.
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