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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by spdirty View Post
Interesting. So tell me, what caused Rahim the daydream to be a fuggin idiot when we were a 98.99494% favorite to win in the last 30 seconds?
That certainly wasnt because the Ratbirds threw a perfect TD pass. It was a desparation HAil Mary,, sure it is one thing Flacco can do is heave ho it down field, but it was basically a jump ball that Jacoby almost lost his shoes having to twist around and nearly fall backward to catch it while Rahim blew the biggest Mind Fart in all of human History to blow that easy defense.

It had very little to do with The Ravens. The many ref gifts and a couple blown plays by Champ in the first half had set them up for the unlikely miracle to even happen.

It was just one of those years where the team with all the breaks .. not at all the best team ... squeaked through and won it all. Wont happen again this year for the Ratters, that's for sure.
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