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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Actually it was...

I loved how Miami was strutting around, thinking they had a shot at beating us in the playoffs. Shanny used the game as a chess match to see what Miami was doing defensively and to plan against it. Smart move. Wanny and Jimmy threw the kitchen sink at us and then had no answer when we played them in the playoffs.
It was only natural to have a letdown after losing to the Giants, but the gameplan was so vanilla looking forward to a potential playoff rematch, it was comical. I also remember Brister coming in for relief late only to have Elway come back in (for some reason) and throw a pick. One of the Phins nobody receivers had a huge night.

I was praying they'd play Miami after that game, and several experts leading into the game said the Phins could pull off the upset. (Yeah, right...)

Shanahan had their defense totally lost from the get go with extra linemen and what not, and even broke out a sweep with Elway. Eventhough Zach Thomas almost killed him later. I can't forget Neil Smith's HOUR long rumble down the sidelines was the icing on the cake for the blowout. Damn, what a team.

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