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I understand what you are saying and you think Lacy will be a special RB which is fine, all I'm saying is I'm not so sure he will be but he looks to have some good skills. My point about Trufant is that it's just much harder to find a good CB than it is a good RB. I like Trufant because he's disiplined, he too has a proven record in college as I think he played 3 years, he's got speed, he has decent size too and yes, he may very well be sitting at there when the Broncos pick at 28, which is fantastic. In mock drafts I've seen Trufant go as high as in the teens and as low as 30 in the first round.
If Trufant is there at 28 he would be a very good selection. Florida State has 2 DEs that I think would be great in Denver Tank Carradine is a good replacement pass rusher for Doom. Bjoern Werner is probably more qualified to play for the Broncos as he is white, and a tough guy against the run. I wouldn't mind either.

If Kenny Vaccaro somehow fell that far Denver would have to take him.
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