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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Will he ever be a 15+ sack guy in the NFL? Probably not. Few are. But I think the guy has the potential to be a complete end who offers quality support against the run and the pass. 8-10 sacks a year, but a lot of TFL and the ability to be more stout against the run than Dumervil was.

Just my 2 cents. As I said, pricejj needs to stop looking at just production and actually understand how scheme and player responsibility and assignments can impact that.
Let's get something clear. I look at a lot more than "just production". It's all about winning one-on-one matchups, and putting players in a position that gives them the best chance to succeed. The primary question for me is: Can a player win the matchup battle?

1. I have said numerous times that Datone Jones would be best in the Broncos base defense at Wolfe's spot (5-tech). I even suggested that the Broncos draft Jones so they could move Wolfe inside permanently. Jones has a little bit more edge speed than Wolfe, and could probably generate pressure lining up against the RT. Wolfe is better inside (I like him at UT).
2. I have watched plenty of Datone Jones' film. There is no indication that he is an edge-rusher. Jones' game is predicated on power (much like Wolfe's).
3. Jones compares himself to J.J. Watt or Geno Atkins.

In conclusion, playing Jones at RDE (to take Dumervil's spot) in the Broncos Defense is simply not a good idea. Jones is best suited to use his power and quickness to win one-on-one matchups vs. NFL Guards and Centers...not LT's.
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