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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
I love how we b**** slapped Marino and Miami in the mouth after they ruined our streak. It brought back great memories. I had forgotten how we almost blew it in the playoffs to the Jets. We all were like, what's goin on. Then they came back in that 2nd half and destroyed them. And then losing Sharpe so early in the Superbowl and still killing the dirty birds, haha.

And they pointed out also that since Davis had so many yards early in alot of his games that he sat out the equivalent of 2 full games and still went over 200 yards in the season. I bet he would have had at least 200 more yards if he had played more. Still, can't complain, most total yards in 1 full season including playoffs by a RB ever. His career was short but he did it all (Leage MVP, Superbowl MVP, 2000K club, 2 Superbowl wins, Probowls).
Actually, the 5-8 NY Giants ruined our streak the week before. Miami was our 2nd straight loss after starting 13-0.
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