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Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
Elvis was the master at beating second rate OT's and poor QB play. Check out these stats from his 63 sacks. Elvis has got most of his sacks against the poor division he has played in for his career and has not produced against the better teams in the league.

Oakland--9 Sacks

San Diego--8

Cleveland--9 sacks

Elvis has faced Brady 5 times, Manning 3, Brees once and he has 3.5 sacks against Brady and 2 came in a blowout loss. The only good QB he has had any success against is Big Ben(takes a lot of sacks) 5.5 in 4 games. Elvis has not beat top OL and QB's in his career and I don't think he will be missed that much. It's hopeful thinking but the numbers don't lie he plays like he did in the postseason against the teams Denver needs him the most.

I'll buy that because its pretty much correct and I want it to be correct............Elvis left the building too many times......I know thats correct !
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