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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Really? I see it more as people are defending Elway and the Broncos vs. trashing Elvis.....however I understand both sides of the argument. I blame Elvis due to his lack of urgency in signing his new contract and faxing it to Dove Valley. Unfortunately people feel the need to trash Elway because a player decided he needed to move on.

as for the OM've never had ill will towards any former player or coach? Tell me what you think about Reeves, McDaniels, Lelie, Walker, Cutler, Maddox, etc...
Then you haven't been reading I guess, I am tired of reading the "well he sucks against the run" or "well he disappeared in the playoffs" or "well he just gets sacks against bad left tackles" comments. Sure, some said that when he was here...I will grant you that. But come on.

I have nothing against Reeves, Lelie, Cutler or Maddox. Not Marshall either for that matter. McDaniels should be on every Bronco fan's Mount Rushmore of "I wish you would die in a dumpster fire" people. So no, I don't subscribe to the ideology that I have to all of a sudden dislike and find something wrong with a former player or coach. There are obvious exceptions to everything.

The defense got worse in Denver and better in Baltimore. Anyone thinking otherwise, is on crack. That upsets me, and only that.
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