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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
I've been thinking along the same lines, Hulamau, and that's one of the reasons I'm sort of ambivalent to losing Doom. I expect Wolfe to hit double digit sacks this season. To extend the Houston analogy, I doubt we will miss Doom any more than Houston's defense missed Mario Williams.
Good thinking BI, we're all on the same page I feel sure that the FO and coaching staff have also been focused on and counting on too well before we all were forced to consider this scenario..

In addition to a breakout year from Wolfe, I'm hopeful too for a big step up from Malik and maybe even Ayers too in year two of JDR, but Malik might become more disruptive than Ayers has it in him in any long as one of those guys steps it up big time this year we should not lose much of a beat defensively and be better at stuffing the run in any event.

We take a decent jump in our run game too with a beefed up and much improved Hillman joined by hopefully a real stud in the making rookie RB combined with Louis Vasquesz and Orlando (and hopefully Blake able to start well at center in place of Walton) all doing the road grading work on the right side of the line, then our overall offense is going to be sick good and nearly unstoppable.

Would be nice to have a solid vet RDE as well, to help insure the situation and provide mentorship and early season consistency in sacks/pressure from the right, but its not at all a make or break deal for our SB chances that we should overpay out the nose and lose whatever $$ and cap space relief we got in the Doom divorce. I trust Elway and company have their heads screwed on straight here and we're in good hands.

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