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Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post
Quite the opposite.

Obviously you just don't grasp the difference between an 'offshore bank' and an FDIC insured bank, or the precedent set by rescuing one.

You'd rather focus on how the poor Russian mob lost 40% of their drug money.

If the Eurozone hadn't stepped up and bailed them out, Cyprus would be looking at a banking system collapse, and EVERY depositor would have been cleaned out.

I'm sure you'd prefer that as it suits your 'collapse of the world economy' scenario.

You'll just have to wait!
So you support the bail outs. No surprise -- given your past predilections.

The people are being raped to pay for the bank's mistakes/incompetence/criminality.

The FDIC protection here won't begin to save Americans. The fund is woefully inadequate to cover what is coming.

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