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Because they probably never did to begin with. That was ol' Marty's version. He was probably lying. He certainly had incentive to since he'll be lucky to attract another NFL client anytime soon.
I think it's pretty clear that the 'too late' contract had only an injury guarantee in it. And the Post reported that there was a full guarantee earlier in the week.

The only thing you can really say the agent could've lied about was whether that was dropped on him in that 11th hour contract, or earlier.

Regardless, I see nothing that the Broncos likely moved on that would offset yanking a $3m guarantee for the following year. At least not during an honest meet-in-the-middle type negotiation.

Put it all together and it looks most likely like they decided to play some hardball with a model team member. And in the end, he decided it was best to get out from underneath. This is a Lose Lose for the Broncos any way you slice it.
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