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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by errand View Post
Speaking too soon wouldn't you say?

I understand your concern, but you have no idea who we will sign, or draft or how well either will play.....

It would not be the first time a free agent left one team and went onto suck with another if Doom falls on his face or gets injured....and it also wouldn't be the first time some rookie plays very well and makes a name for himself much like Von did.

I'd wait and see how it all plays out before I'd start hand-wringing over Doom leaving.
1. Elvis has played extremely well under half a dozen defensive coordinators and in both the 43 and 34 fronts. I think insinuating his success is a biproduct of some geographical location is the height of stupidity.

2. Part of the hand-wringing is that finite resources now have to be allocated to replacing him instead of toward IMPROVING.

3. Your penis reminds me of a thimble.
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