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Originally Posted by Pendejo View Post Sharpe and Pryce. Two pretty good players the Donks also jettisoned after their ridiculous arm twisting didn't pan out. Both players had something left to offer Baltimore, and Sharpe simply was a big part of the Ravens' first title.

Besides...Ozzie Newsome has made his rep on completely misjudging talent and signing stiffs, so that has to make one feel a little better about the whole thing.
Hence the reason I said to discuss the RB's Bell (both Mike and Tatum), Anderson, Gary, Heyward, Deltha, Berry etc....

Sure they had a decent season or two, however I'd argue that the reason their departures seemed like huge losses to some was the whole "former SB winning Broncos" sentiment more than their actual contributions to their new teams.

And I'd argue that the Ravens D was the big reason they won the SB that year, but will concede Sharpe did improve their offense and led the Ravens in receiving. however that defense was going to win it all else would you explain them winning 3 out of 5 games where their offense didn't score a solitary TD? They were capable of tossing a shutout in virtually every game that year.

In 2000 Sharpe had 67 catches for 810 which placed him 35th in the NFL (4th among TE's) with 5 TD' put it into perspective for you Kyle Brady had 64-729 with 3 TD's. Meanwhile, Tony Gonzales had 93 catches for 1203 yards and 9 TD's.....which is the kind of production that one generally laments losing.

In 2001 Sharpe had 73 catches for 811 yards and 2 TD's.....placing him 25th overall in NFL (2nd among TE's).....sorry but that too is nothing to write home about.

He was a great player and had a great Hall of Fame career, but we didn't miss his production those two seasons, however I will concede that we may have missed his leadership.

Pryce hardly was the huge loss either in my opinion. again, most hated him leaving because he was a former SB winner with us....he had 13 sacks in his first season with Ravens, then amassed only 15 total sacks over the next 4 seasons.

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