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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
I would not bet against Datone Jones. He is extremely athletic, gets up the field quickly and disrupts the run and pass game well. He also puts his hands up and deflects balls if he knows he isn't going to make it to the QB. He is a cerebral player with a great mental grasp of the game. If the Broncos were willing to take a guy like Malik Jackson who had similar experience moving inside and out on their defensive fronts, I would expect Jones (who is a better prospect and just as versatile) to catch the eyes of the coaches.

Why people are getting caught up with the whole LDE/RDE, etc. thing is beyond me. If you don't think that the coaches can tweek schematics in order to play to the strengths of those on the field. . . well. . . I just don't know what to say. Jones is going to have a much better career as a pro if he stays at end and gets to grow there.

Will he ever be a 15+ sack guy in the NFL? Probably not. Few are. But I think the guy has the potential to be a complete end who offers quality support against the run and the pass. 8-10 sacks a year, but a lot of TFL and the ability to be more stout against the run than Dumervil was.

Just my 2 cents. As I said, pricejj needs to stop looking at just production and actually understand how scheme and player responsibility and assignments can impact that.
Good points on Datone Req, it would be nice to have a Freeney or Abraham for a decent price to help groom the rookie and offer a little built in production there from the outset, but Im fine with going draft to put the finishing touches on our Dline alone with getting more from Wolfe, Ayers, Malik, Beal and the rookie ...

Wolfe is going to be monster this year. I expect a 'relative' improvement from him along the lines of the 'relative' improvement we saw from year 1 to year 2 in JJ Watt... That doesn't mean he's going to put up JJ numbers this year, but I do expect a similar comparative jump in his output to that of Watt in their sophomore years.

From all reports, Wolfe is on a mission this off season and I would not at all be surprise to see him grab at least 9 or more sacks with his motor and desire and be a very disruptive force in the opposing backfield, with Knighton too helping Big Vick collapse the inner pocket much better than we have seen around here in a long time, and Ayers/MAlik crashing in from the other side I don't see an insurmountable issue replacing Dooms 11 sacks even with the collective approach with the guys we have now in year two in JDR's Defense.

And when you include a solid rookie prospect at DE that will surely be a major priority in the first two rounds of this draft, not getting an older Freeney or Abraham isn't the kind of concern to start pulling any hair over.

When Elway, Fox, JDR and Matt Russell game planned the Doom salary drop, they factored all of these scenarios into the equation knowing full well it was possible Doom would leave.

It's a calculus, and though Doom made a decent contribution last year his 11 sacks in 16 full games with Von drawing so much constant heat from the other side showed to me a bit of a drop off in what we would have expected from Doom in a full 16 games he played. At his $12 mil salary it was a no-brainer he had to come down or leave.

Sucks that it unraveled in the unexpected way it did with the agents screw up , but the FO had this contingency plugged in from day one and felt good about improving the overall team even without Doom.

I'm all for a rookie to add to what we have with Wolfe too on the prowl and both Ayers/Jackson, and perhaps Beal if he turns it on this offseason, in sustaining consistent QB pressure enough to keep Von roaming freely without too many double teams.

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