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Tremendous result, and a lot more confidence in possession. Some, not good, like Edu on top of his penalty area as was mentioned earlier. Some terrific to relieve the pressure and penetrate a porous midfield like Bradley's almost chance in the first half.

What still concerns me going forward is the outside channel defense. Mexico was able to continually win the 1v1 out there and they were extremely fortunate to not connect on multiple opportunities. I was real proud of Demarcus, who I coached at camp when he was little, as he played as well as he could with an early yellow. However, he needed a lot more help and Zusi was constantly struggling with his positioning on the other side.

The US deserved that result, but more so Mexico playing poorly and not cohesive in the final third. I hope they adjust their outside defense, but overall it was a quality result in a terribly difficult place to get one.
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