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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
On the first part, IIRC Sharpe and Pryce were let go because Shanahan had us in salary cap hell.

The second part is what bothers me most about this whole thing. Ozzie let so many players walk but they leaped at the chance to sign Dumervil. And they were able to get him for good value relative to some of the players they let go (most notably Kruger). Many people are writing them off but I think they have a plan at every position. Plus they signed both Chris Canty and Marcus Spears to bolster their DL depth. Ozzie knows what he's doing.
FWIW, Dumervil for the price they got him at is much better than what the Dolphins pushed out for Ellerbe @ LB or the Browns did for Kruger. (I believe it was the Browns) It is a very good move for them and although I'm pissed at Doom, I can't blame him for going to reunite with a coach who helped him have the best season of his career.
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