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The confusion is caused because articles are including the $3.5 million injury guarantee into the $12 million figure they site for Baltimore. But that is only an injury guarantee...the Ravens will have the option to pay that $3.5 million next offseason as a roster bonus if Doom is healthy. The real no-strings-attached guarantee is just the $7.5 million signing bonus they are giving him up front. So, we actually did offer the most fully guaranteed money at $10 million.
I thought our second year guarantee was also only for injury. I haven't seen the report that we offered an unconditional $10 guaranteed.

Plus it's not like the actual contract numbers for year two are meaningless. If Doom (and his agent) are of the opinion that this was just a bad year for the FA market, they'd want to consider how much it will cost a team to keep him locked up in future years. You guys bank on him getting cut next year again, but if he's under contract for $6 million bucks or something similar, that's very unlikely.
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