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Jamal Charles

i guess Klinsman does know what he is doing. Beesler and Omar did a very good job on Chicharito (sp). I feel bad for Beasley as he was getting raped all night. It is unfair to have him play LB though as he is a natural winger.

Very disappointed to see Altidore being pulled at the 55 minute mark. So in goes Eddie Johnson and he had a total of 2 touches. I have to give it up to Klinsman again. If it was Bradley, he would of pulled Altidore and put in a Beckerman or another defender. Klinsman had enough balls to sub in one fwd and put another one in to keep some pressure on the Mexicans. I guess he saw something Altidore did and pulled him.

On the two controversial non penalty calls. The first one Chicharito acted like he was Atwatered in the back. Damn guy went flying, deserves a freaking 10 for that dive.
The second one, Edu should of gotten a yellow with a penalty for the Mexicans.

Speaking of, Edu sucks! how many times did this guy loose the ball right outside the penalty box with his stroll in the park dribbling. We need Jones back!

Overall, a win for the US and another heartbreaker for the Mexicans. Clearly the Mexican squad is very talented. We need Donovan back to make the next match more competitive.
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