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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Saying **** them at their price isn't an actual answer to the problem. They need a credible move to address DE outside of the draft.
Freeney isn't even a credible answer at DE, regardless of price tag.

I can guarantee you it won't be Freeney for $6M. If it is, the FO can start packing their bags now. If Elway isn't laughing that fool out the door, he needs to get his head examined. Apparently these greedy players are getting the impression that Elway is a pushover. Take a pass on that one, enjoy retirement Dwight. Lose our phone number please.

Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
Really? Really!!??
I was under the impression that the Broncos proposal was very similar to the Ravens proposal, and the ravens put an extra $500k on it in the last day. If that's the case...Dumervil is a money-hungry scumbag (who got $37M from the Broncos for 2 years of football).

On the other hand...Dumervil is worth 5 years $35M, can't believe the Broncos didn't offer at least that much. If they stayed at 3 years $18M they're fools.

Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Like I said, I think Jones can average 5 sacks per year (which is a lot more than Ayers). He'd be good on the strongside...he's not a dynamic pass-rusher.

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