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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Datone Jones last 3 years sack totals:

2010 - 4 sacks
2011 - 3 sacks
2012 - 5.5 sacks

That ain't going to cut it at RDE, not in a million years. Already got a guy like that in Bob Ayers.
Sack totals listed above are not indicative of the kind of player Datone Jones is. He has played every position on that defensive line (much like Malik Jackson at Tennessee) and makes a tremendous impact in the games he is. If he was ever able to settle at a position consistently, I would gather he would have much better sack totals. You should check out the Oregon State game from this year. That will show you how he was used with the Bruins. You need to stop looking at just the #'s and watch the guys play.

Jack Del Rio would do a fabulous job adjusting front formations to play to Jones and the other DL on this teams strengths.
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