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Originally Posted by Willynowei View Post
4.8+ is slow man, in fact 4.8 is not just slow at the NFL level, its slow at the collegiate level, i played linebacker in highschool and ran under a 4.8 with pads on.

Its one thing to not be a 4.5 guy, its another thing to be unable to break 4.8. He's not that big, he doesn't look that strong, he's going to get mauled on the interior.

No. He is not 1st round material, I'm not sure i'd take him in the second either. He's not starter talent, and you shoot for starters in rounds 1 and 2. Period.
That is my question. I dont want in first round but if he just starts free falling to the point that he is there at the end of the 2nd, do we take him?
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