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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Now you're talking about something else. Being that way doesn't "make them gay." They're trying to appear to be one way to throw off suspicion of being the opposite.

But that isn't what you said. And I asked you to clarify you insisted "being hardcore (religious) makes you" gay. It's the other way around. Being gay and ashamed of it can make people hard core religious to use their church morales as a beard of sorts. But it's not like being that way made them into homosexuals.
You are right... Poor wording. I meant 'makes you more likely to be' which is what I had put in my previous post. I was too short in my reply to you as the context was right in my head without including it. I think being gay is something you are born with. Religion doesnt do that to you.

My initial instinct nowadays is when I see someone very outspokenly religious, the probability pareto of skeletons in their closest is has being gay in there. Maybe I am conditioned due to the only ones you see in the news media are more of these types.

Bottom line, I really wouldnt be shocked if Teebs is gay. Think of all the factors. Strongly religious + still a virgin + etc.

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