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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Jekyll15Hyde View Post
I was going after two angles. The first comment was more along the lines to throw off suspicion (eg Marcus Bachmann and his gay therapy repair institutions).

But by hardcore, I was really talking more about the being extremely outspoken about being gay. So you don't qualify. This comment was made with religious leaders in mind, ie Ted Haggart, fill-in-the-blank Catholic priest,etc. I would certainly agree the majority of the hardcore outspoken are really as anti-gay as the portray. But the ones that are covering are higher percentage of this subgroup than the normal population rate is of being gay, IMO. At least it seems that way but I dont have any stats.
Now you're talking about something else. Being that way doesn't "make them gay." They're trying to appear to be one way to throw off suspicion of being the opposite.

But that isn't what you said. And I asked you to clarify you insisted "being hardcore (religious) makes you" gay. It's the other way around. Being gay and ashamed of it can make people hard core religious to use their church morales as a beard of sorts. But it's not like being that way made them into homosexuals.
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