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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I was hoping you'd chime in. You're fairly religious. Did your religious views push you toward homosexuality?

I've been active in my church from a very young age. Didn't really party like my friends did growing up. I didn't do things that cost money on Sundays to observe the sabbath. I served a two year mission for my church saved myself for marriage. I am still very attracted to women and think boobies are hot. The closest I came to feeling gay was when I saw Champ Bailey pick off an improbable interception from Aaron Brooks in the end zone against the Saints in the mid 2000's. I suppose I wasn't "hardcore" enough, I guess...
I was going after two angles. The first comment was more along the lines to throw off suspicion (eg Marcus Bachmann and his gay therapy repair institutions).

But by hardcore, I was really talking more about the being extremely outspoken about being gay. So you don't qualify. This comment was made with religious leaders in mind, ie Ted Haggart, fill-in-the-blank Catholic priest,etc. I would certainly agree the majority of the hardcore outspoken are really as anti-gay as the portray. But the ones that are covering are higher percentage of this subgroup than the normal population rate is of being gay, IMO. At least it seems that way but I dont have any stats.
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