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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I was hoping you'd chime in. You're fairly religious. Did your religious views push you toward homosexuality?

I've been active in my church from a very young age. Didn't really party like my friends did growing up. I didn't do things that cost money on Sundays to observe the sabbath. I served a two year mission for my church saved myself for marriage. I am still very attracted to women and think boobies are hot. The closest I came to feeling gay was when I saw Champ Bailey pick off an improbable interception from Aaron Brooks in the end zone against the Saints in the mid 2000's. I suppose I wasn't "hardcore" enough, I guess...

No, my religious views did not push me into homosexuality. Biggest issue I had was reconciling the two.

But I can see where you could have a Ted Haggard situation, the religion becomes a cover. You begin to hate the things that remind you of what you are, and attempt to put yourself as far away as possible from it. You look for distractions, immerse yourself in a faith, or sport, or whatever to innoculate yourself from ever being considered a homo. And then comes the fall, and its a complete shock to everyone. And some people will blame the faith. But the faith did not make Haggard gay, he was gay to begin with, wanted to hide it and used the faith to hide in plain sight.

Its entirely feasible Tebow COULD be gay, and as much as I kid about him being a mo, I doubt its him. Some people just are that on fire for God. It does not mean they are hiding 15 inch Aid Spitting Cobra dilrods in the closet.

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