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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
i don't like it. still not addressing the biggest need on the offense and that is a RB. McGahee is sputtering to the end. KnoShow is not the answer and i don't give a damn about 4 games last season where he looked decent. Hillman is a change of pace guy. let's get some power. if we had a guy who could push piles in the playoffs last season we don't give Baltimore the ball back and we take home a Lombardi.

we can't continue being a team that has to throw the ball to convert 3rd downs. we need the ability to also run for those first downs.

i'm not saying the situations are exactly the same, but look at Elway and his title runs. he got some help in the running game and finally got his rings. he wasn't asked to carry the load, he was able to share the load. Give Peyton the same help. don't ask him to win only on his arm, give him the ability to milk the clock and wear down defenses as well as beat teams through the air.
You don't need a specific RB to "wear" down defenses..that's just football jargon. You just need a guy that can consistently gain yards, and you guys have that already on the roster in Ronnie Hillman
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