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Just talked to the ATT guy about 19.99 home service where they port your home number over to a desk module cell receiver with two RJ ports on the back. It is voice only but is unlimited for flat rate 23.00 which includes taxes and fees. Their internet only service is 50.00 per month for 5 Gbit download so is probably not a good deal. However my Frontier land line service will provide home DSL only for about 35.00 per month. If I go this way my phone service will reduce from present of 95.00 per month down to 58.00. However our Frontier DSL service sucks (2.8Md/.8Mu and can drop as low as 1Md on bad days). We mainly use Netflix mailers and rarely stream so can live with that. We really want to get entirely off landlines but living in the country makes that unlikely. We will keep our two Tmobile prepays which only cost about 70.00 per year each given our minimal use of service.
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