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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Once again you're not using any common sense.

Events like the Aurora theater shooting are rare. Putting guns in the hands of a bunch of "young folks" is guaranteed to increase gun violence exponentially. Instead of staredowns, and words being exchanged, and occasional fist fights, you'd have guns being drawn. Would cooler heads prevail? Maybe. Sometimes. But when the testosterone is pumping and hotheads have guns, you've appreciably ramped up the possibility of serious violence. And I'm not sure this is even debatable.
Yes, Aurora is very rare.

Young people already have guns, who want to have guns. I'd love to see any evidence you can state that those who pass a background check to get a permit and take the required NRA class would be a public safety threat. You're making it up, whole cloth.

There are already some young folks with guns, carrying legally concealed on Colorado campuses. Where are shootouts?
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