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Rod Smith

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
You may well be correct. I'm just not totally down with the "begging" part. I think it may have just been a case of them being willing to go so far to re-sign him, and it wasn't far enough. Baltimore was willing to go farther. So yes, I think they wanted him back. But I think they were only willing to pay what they offered, nothing more. Mistake? Perhaps. But could also be the Ravens who made a mistake. They were only able to do this because they let 5-6 the defensive starters go. And it appears they'e compromised future cap flexibility by getting Doom at a low cap figure this year, similar to what they did with Flacco. Eventually the bill comes due.
From reading between the lines and seeing Dumervil's comments since signing, I dont think he was ever considering coming back here once we released him, unless we beat every other offer by a mile and that was never happening. He used our offers as a basis to get his new deal elsewhere. He's been saying since he signed he needed a change of scenery.
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