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Originally Posted by DarkHorse30 View Post
My kid got it - It is beautifully done.

One question - is Drew Holmes' dad a preacher or something? the first 5 minutes of the game bombards you with church/catholic/religious references - a tad overboard with that, I think
Fair question, but no, Drew's dad isn't a preacher. The storyline was developed with everyone involved at Irrational. The actual dialog, especially with regard to the character development of Elizabeth, was Drew's project.

An interesting piece of this that I learned in the panel discussion: They were about six months out from the release date, and Elizabeth the character wasn't nearly as strong as they'd intended her to be. Drew led a group of writers (as well as Elizabeth's "brain," a woman named Amanda Jeffrey, who was responsible for making the character more real to the player) known internally as "Liz Squad," to get her where she needed to be. The result is a really terrific character who helps the game move through its various phases. It's the evolution of character-based gameplay, and I think we'll see more of that as game companies continue to evolve.

Also, I'm in love with Courtnee Draper, the actress who voiced the Elizabeth character.
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