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What's striking is how lacking in common sense your position is. You actually think that "more young folks" carrying would make things safer. Reality, logic, common sense, and a little critical thinking suggests the opposite. Instead of having trained people saving the day in that Aurora theater situation you most likely would have had a bunch of inexperienced idiots. That's just not a solution. That's lunacy. You need to think on your position here.

Meck, do you have the same silly position? You've been such a tough guy in this thread, I hope you don't shy away from explaining what it is you really believe.
This is the bottom line here: If you were in those seats that night, would you be going on and on about percentages and chances this or that, or would you have wished someone was there with a defensive weapon? I think we know the answer.

You're saying it's better to just let people like Holmes blow them away without resistance. That is lunacy.
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