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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
And I would bet if you read the actual statements you would get about 75 different accounts of what they thought he wore.

That still does not address the issue at hand, which is the effect of low lighting, washout effect, panicking people, smoke and/or tear gas, confusion, the possibility of not even being able to assess the threat before it's too late, and, you know, the other 7500 pages of circumstances which tipped the scales in favor of the guy with a tactical uniform and semi-automatic weapons with large capacity magazines, not the 300 or so screaming people trapped inside the sold out midnight showing theater in such close proximity so as to make people complain about how little room movie theaters always have and how cramped they are, but all the sudden when they all hide or run or jump over seats or whatever they do when people start firing bullets at them, they can take out the guy with no additional loss of life?

Bull. ****ing. ****.

Nah man. Don't you get it? A picture from a camera set for high light sensitivity, digitally lightened further (so much so that the picture in no way represents human vision), in an empty theater in lighting conditions not representative of the actual lighting conditions during the attack, with no tear gas and no smoke is perfectly indicative of the situation!

It's so simple, anyone with a revolver and a couple hours at the range and way to much hubris coulda totally prevented anyone from dying.
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