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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
More young folks need to carry. The problem is that too few carry and it's mostly older people. Younger ones are more likely to be victims of violent crime.

If people are going to poo themselves over an extremely rare instance such as Aurora, then they need to do their part and take a role in defending themselves and ensuring their own safety, instead of acting like overgrown children and running to government to pass irrelevant and stupid laws for the sole purpose of restoring their sense of security.

If I was in that theater and being shot at, I'd have wished that I or someone else in there could have had if but one weapon to give us all a chance. Why I'm attacked for that here is beyond me.
What's striking is how lacking in common sense your position is. You actually think that "more young folks" carrying would make things safer. Reality, logic, common sense, and a little critical thinking suggests the opposite. Instead of having trained people saving the day in that Aurora theater situation you most likely would have had a bunch of inexperienced idiots. That's just not a solution. That's lunacy. You need to think on your position here.

Meck, do you have the same silly position? You've been such a tough guy in this thread, I hope you don't shy away from explaining what it is you really believe.
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